Windshield Damage?

Answer When road debris such as a pebble or gravel smacks your windshield and leaves a tiny chip (sometimes called a star), it can seem inconsequential to a busy driver on the go. But at any moment the wi... Read More »

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If your tire picks up a rock and it hits the windshield of the car behind you are you liable for the damage to the windshield?

Answer No, this is the same as those big trucks that say that they are not responsible if you are following too close, and a rock hits your windshield. If it happens, the other person is just SOL u... Read More »

How to Fix Hail Damage on a Windshield?

A hail storm can cause major damage to a vehicle. The windshield is the most vulnerable part of the vehicle. Hail can easily break a windshield or cause severe damage that requires replacing the wi... Read More »

Types of Windshield Damage that Are Not Repairable?

A damaged windshield is a driving hazard, limiting the driver's field of vision. If you have a break, small chips of glass may fall out. If you have cracks, they can spread, and the damage may get ... Read More »

How to Repair Minor Windshield Damage?

There are various ways and several products available for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers to repair minor windshield damage. Resins, such as epoxy, are used to fill in minor chips and crac... Read More »