Windows xp reinstall!?

Answer Easy peasy. You can't.The best you could do is system restore.

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If i uninstall windows, install a motherboard then reinstall windows will it erase everything on my pc?

You don't NEED to uninstall Windows for a new motherboard. I haven't reinstalled in years, even though I've upgraded everything imaginable. You CAN follow this guide: Read More »

How to Reinstall Windows Installer for Windows Home Basic?

The Windows Installer on your Vista Windows Home Basic edition manages both installations and uninstallations of software on the machine, making it a critical component of the operating system. Rep... Read More »

How do I add RAM in a Windows XP reinstall?

Shut down the computer and open the case by removing the screws from the back of the case. Find the RAM slots in the middle of the motherboard and push the RAM straight down into the slots, making ... Read More »

Windows xp reinstall?

download the drivers with this device that u just asked this question.