Windows xp problem with time and date display?

Answer When you switch a computer off, there is a small battery installed into the motherboard that keeps the clock and the CMOS chip alive.It's obvious this battery has gone flat on you and requires chan... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a Computer Display Problem in Windows?

If you have recently upgraded your version of Windows or your computer, you may be experiencing display problems. If you haven't, and are experiencing display problems, it could well be the result ... Read More »

I need a way to transfer files from camcorder hard drive to pc and retain the time/date display--help!?

How to Change Windows Time Display to Include Your Name?

Did you know that you can edit the Windows Time to include your name? For example, instead of 3:05 PM, 3:05 XXXXXX (Your name). AM and PM would be replaced by your name [or any word(s) that you ple... Read More »

How to Change the Date and Time on Windows Vista?

Windows Vista and your computer keep track of the date, and time, using commonly accepted formats to display them. In most cases, your computer routinely checks the date and time over the internet.... Read More »