Windows wont start up i just keep getting the Start windows normally screen?

Answer Go into the bios and have all the defaults reset. you may have a piece of hardware not working properely. Make sure that you try to boot into safe mode again. If this still doesn't do it for your, ... Read More »

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My computer will not go on "Start Windows Normally"!?

Your operating system is corrupted. Place your OS disk in the optical (CD/DVD) drive and select the repair option. If this doesn't work, then a complete installation of the OS is needed.


Put in your windows xp disk and restart your computer (provided it isnt a recovery disk and is an original)When it loads select the option to repair Select which installation you want to repair (ty... Read More »

Help my hp pavilion laptop wont start up windows!!!!!?

Try pressing F2 to enter your BIOS and try disabling the "restart on boot" from there. Also you might need a windows CD in order to fix this problem. You need to have a copy of the same windows ins... Read More »

How to Add Apps to the Start Screen in a Windows Phone?

Do have hundreds of applications on your Windows Phone but it takes few pages of browsing before you select your favorite. It is about time you add your top favorite apps to the start screen simila... Read More »