Windows vista--does everyone hate it?

Answer Get Windows "Mojave" it's soooo much better than windows XP or Vista! LOLOk really though, XP is just plain stable. The computer I'm typing on right now has been on the same installation of XP for ... Read More »

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Why does everyone hate Windows Vista?

because it has so many bugs and takes so much more memory to run and so many problems are out there with already existing programs. Heck, I have an apple II from 1987 and it starts up, opens docume... Read More »

Why hate Windows Vista?

I say because there are so many errors and it Blue Screens/Green Ribbons everyday.

Why do so many people hate Windows Vista?

I'll attempt to keep the answer relatively brief.1. Resources to get similar speed. Performance.XP runs exceptionally well with 2G of RAM. It's quite capable of running fairly well with any amou... Read More »

Vista do you like it or hate it?

i have vista and its OK i ran xp for 5 years and bought a new computer in July with vista on it,its getting used to it i changed the start menu into xp format and to be honest i have not had to man... Read More »