Windows virtual memory too low?

Answer Hello From the computer Tech:You can change to a maximum of 4096...that being said that uses 4 gig of hard drive space. Then you need to clean up your filing system on the computer as well by doin... Read More »

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What is windows virtual memory is low?

When opening Office programs on a computer, the phrase "Windows virtual memory is low" may occur if the paging file value is set too low. Users can increase the paging file value in the Computer or... Read More »

What is windows virtual memory?

Windows virtual memory is a "paging file" that allows active programs to store on a hard disk information that does not yet have to be loaded into physical memory.Physical memoryRandom Access Memor... Read More »

Does Windows 98 use virtual memory?

According to Microsoft Corporation, Windows 98 does use virtual memory, though it is possible for the user to turn it on and off in the system settings if he so Not en... Read More »

How do I fix low virtual memory in Windows?

Open the System Properties Control PanelClick "Start" and then "Run" in Windows XP Type "sysdm.cpl" to open the System Properties control panel. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, open the "Start" men... Read More »