Windows vesta?

Answer First of all, it is Windows Vista.And it all depends on what you are doing. Vista is great for businesses, and what is said for, gaming because of DirectX10. Great in GFX design and 3D Modeling. Th... Read More »

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Poll : vesta or xp......?

Vista is always better, though most people are going to recommend the old boring trash. Vista has amazing new features, and a lot of eye candy to make your day and boost productivity. Yes, there is... Read More »

Does Windows 8 have Windows XP Mode like Windows 7?

Not sure but I doubt it! XP will no longer be supported at the end of the year 2012!

How to Install Windows Mail and Windows Calendar on Windows 7?

Windows Mail,the email client, and Windows Calendar are both part of Windows Vista. But in Windows 7 they are not included. Although Windows 7 does have a Windows Mail program folder, but it is not... Read More »

Is windows 2k a higher version of windows than windows xp?

Windows XP is newer than Windows 2000, so now more software is more compatible with XP over 2000, however. Windows XP is a much slower operating system compared to Windows 2000 for a number of reas... Read More »