Windows shutdown problem?

Answer They will too many processes running on the background especially viruses.Try to go to task manager and close most of the procees with a high memory usage.but stop explorer.exe.or if it fails go to... Read More »

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Dell XPS X5 shutdown problem!(need help ASAP)?

1. Next time, if you have 2 problems, make 2 posts. Some people may not know how to fix the title one but can fix the other in a second.Apparently the hanging OS shutdown is an OS problem, I just k... Read More »

How to Fix the Windows XP Shutdown?

Repairing the shutdown process of your Windows XP computer is necessary following changes to your system's configuration that have destroyed or corrupted the shutdown files in your XP system. Accom... Read More »

How to Fix Windows Shutdown Problems?

Safe mode serves as a diagnostic mode which is designed for Windows operating system to troubleshoot issues when the system has encountered critical problem and cannot reboot normally. Since firstl... Read More »

How do I remotely shutdown a windows 7 PC?

See below:……