Windows media player problems!?

Answer I just got my computer back from repair because it has several viruses. One virus messed up my windows media player. Run a scan and check your system asap. You may have the same problem. (Hope ... Read More »

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How to Fix Problems With Windows Media Player 11 and Vista?

Windows Media Player 11 is available for many versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows Vista. When errors occur when playing audio or movie files, steps will need to be taken to ... Read More »

How to Correct Buffering Problems With Windows Media Player?

Buffering issues in Windows Media Player are typically related to your connection speed. For example, if you have dial-up, which is notoriously slower than broadband connections, considerably longe... Read More »

Will VLC Media Player play BETTER if remove Windows Media Player?

With VLC it has to find the correct codec to play the media. This process would not be sped up by removing windows media player.

How do I make Windows Media Player 11 my default player and not Real Player?

Right click on any file you want to be opened with WMP11 and where it says Open With: Select WMP11 here....if that don't work find Set Program Access and Defaults, go to Custom. and select WMP11 as... Read More »