Windows media player not playing mp3?

Answer It would have been nice to know what version and update level you are currently using. And what Windows OS you are running from.But you can go to Microsoft's web site and get a download to do the ... Read More »

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While playing windows media player with full screen, the picture is shaking.?

Are you playing a movie on the Windows Media Player. If so, then U should check the CD or DVD that U are using. It is rare that the picture quality on the Windows Media Player should be affected. C... Read More »

Will VLC Media Player play BETTER if remove Windows Media Player?

With VLC it has to find the correct codec to play the media. This process would not be sped up by removing windows media player.

How do I make Windows Media Player 11 my default player and not Real Player?

Right click on any file you want to be opened with WMP11 and where it says Open With: Select WMP11 here....if that don't work find Set Program Access and Defaults, go to Custom. and select WMP11 as... Read More »

How to Add Windows Media Player Global Hotkeys for the Non Pro Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard?

There are two versions of the Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard: the "pro" version, which has buttons for play/stop/etc, and the non-pro version, which does not. This article shows how to assign the... Read More »