Windows fingerprint scanner software that enters passwords based on finger used?

Answer There are several similar type applications available, and a quick Google search using the following keywords should get you started: fingerprint scanner passwords You will get some links like th... Read More »

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Is there a software (that emulates windows 98) that can enable me to use my old scanner with windows xp?

My windows xp does not support my scanner software. where can i download a software for free?

Yes Windows Xp should pick up the scanner immediately but if not go click the link I have posted below and find the correct drive for your scanner model. That should make it work for yah http://ww... Read More »

Is there a fingerprint scanner that actually unlocks your phone?

No, They are all fake. Any and all phones do not have the sensitivty capacity to actually scan your finger, and they are all based on a certain way to unlock them, they are meant for people that sn... Read More »

Can the Nitro PDF software be used with a scanner?

Yes, Nitro PDF software can be used with a scanner. According to the Nitro PDF Software blog, "Depending on the type of scanner you have, you will be able to convert pages one at a time, or do whol... Read More »