Windows Xp Problems please help?

Answer Reboot the system and Press F8 and hit SAFE mode only!Load in as the administrator account and do not use the same account that is having the problem.Once you're in their everything is going to loo... Read More »

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Please help Problems with windows security center.?

Try to avoid a complete reset (which will be difficult without an installation disc anyway). Don't know for sure what you mean by "I've done everything in the start menu they told me to." - I went ... Read More »

Jaw problems PLease help?

try to see a TMJ expert. I think, it is something about your TMJ. (temporomadibular joint).

Girl problems please help:]?

It's pretty normal to have random hair on your nipple. I don't have any but I get this one random hair on my jaw bone..The discharge coming out of your private area is normal as well. My mother use... Read More »

IPhone problems, help please?

Sprint is much cheaper then at&t Under 100 for everything unlimited and 200$ for the phone with a two year contract that it, but i wouldn't recommend it, it overrated and it sucks you should check ... Read More »