Windows XP tropical background location?

Answer I believe you are talking about the background called "AZUL".Searching the Internet does not really get one the correct answer, for there are several results that people claim to be valid. One per... Read More »

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What is the location of the Windows XP recovery console?

If the Windows XP Recovery Console is already installed, you can select the "Recovery Console" option from the "Startup" options menu. If it is not installed, you will need the Windows XP CD. Inser... Read More »

How to Change a File Location in Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player is a popular PC application that allows users to import and play MP3s, create playlists, rip CDs and burn personal music mixes. Windows Media Player uses your PC's "Music" fol... Read More »

How to Install Windows XP Pro With SP2 From a Network Location?

The Windows XP operating system is usually installed from a CD, but in some situations, it can be advantageous to install it over a network. This process only works if you have a central computer t... Read More »

What is the location of a user password on Windows XP in regedit?

User passwords are stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SAM in the registry editor (regedit). The corresponding registry files are %SystemRoot%\system32\config\SAM and the backup file %SystemRoot%\system32... Read More »