Windows XP has annoying balloons that keep appearing, how do I get rid of them!?

Answer Hiya MrBill,The registry needs to have an addition and setting. If you download Tweak UI for Windows XP and click on the TASKBAR option, the first thing you see is a check box labeled ENABLE BALLO... Read More »

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Porn pics keep on appearing on my screen. how can i stop them once and for all?

since im at the end of this...ill keep it short and simple...have some antivirus and antispyware softwares installed....have a firewall installed...have a registry cleaner and WINDOWS washer for de... Read More »

I keep getting annoying popups... how do i get rid of them?

Use the pop up blocker. Hit tools on your internet tool bar, and block those pop ups.

How do I shut off that annoying "windows update" pop-up that appears on my screen every time I log-on?

Click 'Start' then select 'Settings', 'Control Panel' and double click 'Windows Security Center'. From there, under Manage Security Settings at the bottom, click 'Automatic Updates', then in the Au... Read More »

What are the most annoying Questions ( if you Evan call them Question ) that Anti-Veg's ask?

Besides the fish, chicken, animal cracker junk I'm starting to get really irritated about all the protein questions! I understand that people are bombarded with pro-protein propaganda but doesn't *... Read More »