Windows XP has annoying balloons that keep appearing, how do I get rid of them!?

Answer Hiya MrBill,The registry needs to have an addition and setting. If you download Tweak UI for Windows XP and click on the TASKBAR option, the first thing you see is a check box labeled ENABLE BALLO... Read More »

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Volume Control Is Not Appearing on My Windows XP Taskbar?

The Windows XP operating system introduced a number of improvements over previous versions of Windows, including an easier-to-navigate user interface, improved graphics and a higher overall degree ... Read More »

How to Disable Tip Balloons in Windows XP?

Have you ever been really sick of all those balloon tips that pop-up at the bottom right of your screen in Windows XP, and wished you could just stop them from coming? Well if that's what you want ... Read More »

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How do I shut off that annoying "windows update" pop-up that appears on my screen every time I log-on?

Click 'Start' then select 'Settings', 'Control Panel' and double click 'Windows Security Center'. From there, under Manage Security Settings at the bottom, click 'Automatic Updates', then in the Au... Read More »