Windows XP format & Windows 7 installation help?

Answer If you want to install windo 7 in your laptop or your pc then it is more easier than any previous version of window . simeple-put your window disk in disk tray and restart your laptop/pc at boot fr... Read More »

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Windows installation help!?

Seems like your installer is corrupted. The only way to fix that is by getting a better copy.PS: And why would you want to go back to using Windows 2000? If the computer can run Vista, surely it ca... Read More »

Need help in installation of windows xp?

you are supposed to leave the cd in for the reboot. some people make the mistake of taking the media out. 3rd reboot or so you take it out, after it has fully booted and is going through the conf... Read More »

Windows Xp installation error help ?

reformat the target partition with either Fat32 or NTFS not some linux usually get offered this option at the same point its telling you no valid usually press F8 or you se... Read More »

Windows xp help after installation?

Device manager, look for network adapters, update.right click on screen and select personalize for icons