Windows XP: Limited Account.....?

Answer I use an admin account but also surf within a sandbox therefore encountering no problems as when I close the sandbox everything goes with it.For me it's essential as I play around with malware and ... Read More »

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How to Hack Windows with a Limited Account?

This article will teach you how to change Administrator password and make your usual account an administrator. Beneficial for use on a computer with the classic login screen, especially in school o... Read More »

How to Run Microsoft Word as an Administrator on a Limited User Account in Windows XP?

Microsoft Windows XP limited user accounts protect the security and integrity of the operating system by limiting access to certain functions. For example, limited user accounts cannot install soft... Read More »

How to Withdraw From a Limited PayPal Account?

As Web-based payment solution PayPal links each customers' account with his bank account and, in some cases, his credit, the company has instituted strict security parameters to protect sensitive p... Read More »

Can I make a 2nd Facebook account or is each person limited to one?

the rules state that you are only allowed to have onehowever, some people ignore the rules and create more than onebut then what happens is facebook detects that and suspends all the accounts you h... Read More »