Windows XP Boot Problems - Blank Screen?

Answer Before troubleshooting Windows XP startup, it is important to understand that XP startup is a process, not an event. If you can't start XP, it means that an event took place that prevented XP from ... Read More »

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How do I restore the Windows XP boot screen?

Click "Start", and then click "Turn Off Computer". Click the "Restart" button to reboot your system. Just before the Windows XP startup screen appears, press F8 to display XP's Advanced Boot Option... Read More »

How to Replace the Windows XP Boot Screen?

You can replace the boot screen of Windows XP if you'd like to see your own image as your computer starts up. You can do so by using a small, free program called BootSkin XP. If you want a custom i... Read More »

How to Remove the Windows Login Screen on XP During Boot Up?

The Windows XP login screen is helpful if you have multiple users on your computer, or if you work in a business environment and do not want the computer to boot directly into a specific user accou... Read More »

The Laptop Won't Boot Up Past the Windows XP Startup Screen?

It can be frustrating if your laptop won't continue past your Windows XP startup screen. However, you do have two options that may resolve this issue. You can either use the Windows XP disk that ca... Read More »