Windows XP - How do I check if I have SP2 installed?

Answer Press start and select RUNType into the box - winver - and press enterA small box pops up telling you your windows version and which service pack you are on

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I have installed windows 7 in c drive after that i installed windows xp2 in e drive. now i able to open xp2 to?

pls keep windows 7 cd-disk while you are turning on the computer and click on start up repair option after a few basic steps/clicks(u have said that u have installed , i hope you have knowledge abo... Read More »

How to Check If a Windows Vista Update From Microsoft Has Been Installed?

Microsoft frequently releases new updates to Microsoft Vista that repair bugs in the operating system and patch holes to avoid potential security threats. Depending on your preferences, Windows Vis... Read More »

I have installed Windows XP in my C:\ drive. Mistakenly I installed another copy of XP in D:\ drive.?

If you want to keep that image of XP there you you can modify the boot.ini file and remove the second install on XP to stop your machine from trying to boot from D: if you installed applications yo... Read More »

I have a dell laptop with 200GB hard disk and I have installed windows 7.?

Read the Link carefully. I suggest you make sure you have a recovery disc made of your present Operating system though.…