Windows Vista...Free...I wonder why...?

Answer good question i wonder if every one is having as much trouble with xp as i am it was great till i got the update

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Wonder pets is the wonder pets friends?

How do you get the wonder exchange?

A Tamagotchi v5 is a virtual pet/baby thingy that you can take care of...there are others too... v3..v4..v4.5..v5..and the newest one v6...i am not quite sure if theres a a v2

Was, is The Verve a one hit wonder?

No, they had a few hits. Bittersweet reached number two in the charts, even though it's their most well known song, but The Drugs Don't Work was their first and only number one. They had two other ... Read More »

For Fun:Did you ever wonder..?

LMAO...When it came to ABC and twinkle...I was totally singing in my head until I read the next line!!!!!!My freezer has a light!I really enjoyed this, thank you!Have a good day!