Windows Server2003 machine didn't play sound.Can anyone give a solution?

Answer Check if your hardware is detected after the system has started.If the hardware is detected, then check if the drivers are installed.If the drivers are not installed then install the driver.In case... Read More »

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How much RAM should I give Windows 7 in a Virtual Machine?

32 or 64 bit windows?1 GB should be fine for 32 bit2 GB otherwise

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I don't care what anyone tells you, but I promise you if you dedicate your life to it you can be a great singer. Maybe not like Whitney Houston, but there is ALWAYS going to be someone better then ... Read More »

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YES you are their child and their responsiblity and they dont want u spending ur money on STUFF that u dont need coz rthen when you grow up you wont have the money you need"they are only trying to ... Read More »