Windows Server2003 machine didn't play sound.Can anyone give a solution?

Answer Check if your hardware is detected after the system has started.If the hardware is detected, then check if the drivers are installed.If the drivers are not installed then install the driver.In case... Read More »

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Can anyone give a reason and solution to acne on my chin and neck?

Once again, the hormones go crazy. Lemon juice has never failed to help me with acne, occasional pimples, and lightening scars. Wash your neck and face with warm water and your favorite soap, the... Read More »

I can not get my desktop icons to open anymore,, can anyone help with this and give me a solution to fix it?

A thing you may want to check is if you have enabled the parental controls for your icons. That was one solution that I got from Microsoft Help and Support. Have you logged in as a user? Reset the ... Read More »

I need help getting crayon marks off a white painted wall can anyone give me a easy solution?

My mom and I have always used comet cleaner to remove marks on the walls. Get a cloth wet, put some of the comet on the cloth to make a paste. Rub the area and then wash off the abrasive cleaner wi... Read More »

How much RAM should I give Windows 7 in a Virtual Machine?

32 or 64 bit windows?1 GB should be fine for 32 bit2 GB otherwise