Windows Movie Maker upload problem ?

Answer see the info..restriction for users. not more than 10min of video and some particular upload.Make it small and upload....

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How do I upload Windows Movie Maker to YouTube?

Once you're done editing the video and such.1- Go to FILE2- Click on SAVE MOVIE FILE3- Save it on MY COMPUTER4- RENAME your movie file and BROWSE for the location of where you'd want to save your f... Read More »

How to upload video to Windows Movie Maker?

Perhaps your video file are not compatilbe with windows movie maker. try to change your video to raw avi, mpeg-1 or wmv format which are readable by WMM.…

Can I upload Windows Movie Maker movies to youtube?

mmmhmmm.When your done with the video on movie maker save it regularly then go to the file menu and click "Save Movie File" It's going to ask you "Where do you want to save it to?" Click My Compute... Read More »

How do you upload a Windows Movie Maker video to Youtube?

its because you left it in a format,which is incompatible with youtubeyou probably left it MSWMM format which is only the project file not the movie file, you need to convert it to get it to upload... Read More »