Windows Movie Maker Problem! HELP PLEASE!?

Answer well there is a video effect that changes the videos color. make sure u didnt accidentally add that effect.

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How do I fix this Windows Movie Maker problem?

for all problems with Windows MovieMaker the only place to go is :- ~

Windows Movie maker problem (HD)?

it might be that the type of video file from your camera isn't technically compatible with movie maker...that happened to me too, and i just tried deleting that clip from the video and re-importing... Read More »

Windows movie maker sound?

If you check the resolved answers you will see that you need to connect your camcorder with a firewire cable to the firewire port of your PC. USB does not work. Reread your camcorder manual or down... Read More »

Windows Movie Maker upload problem ?

see the info..restriction for users. not more than 10min of video and some particular upload.Make it small and upload....