Windows Experience Index Gaming Graphics is 3.6?

Answer A better Graphics Card for starters....

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Graphics card for gaming?

nVidia GeForce GT520 DDR3 1GB its better one choice

Gaming graphics card?

You will be fine. It should actually run it on the highest settings.

New graphics card for gaming?

For SLI, the cards must be the same GPU (both 560, both 550Ti, etc...). Also, if planning SLI, your power supply is not enough...An example of a card would be a Powercolor 7870 (about 10" long) but... Read More »

Need a gaming graphics card?

The xfx 6850 is the best bang for your buck, but remember your processor is old so will be holding you back. Best price I've ever seen for the card: you're getting a new grap... Read More »