Windows 8 RTM Enterprise 90 day trial copy... after 90 days?

Answer What is meant to happen is the desktop background turns black and you get logged off every hour.

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How Can i use the Trial version for Kaspersky Antivirus(30 Days) after 30 days?

Yeah, just uninstall it and delete all the traces and registry keys off your computer. Just run "regedit" when done uninstalling it. That might work. Or what I would do is a reboot, but the bad thi... Read More »

How can i completely clean the registry of my laptop so i can use some programs more than 30 days trial?

How I learned was I would look for keywords. Lets say the program was called DODGE. I would go into RUN:Type: regeditThen Cntrl+Fand find the Keyword: DODGEYou just have to learn HOW on your own. T... Read More »

Which is the better anti-virus Avast 7 free or Bit-defender 2013 ( 90 days trial).?

What Is Windows 7 Enterprise?

Windows 7 Enterprise is the corporate version of its Windows 7 operating system release, which supplants its Windows Vista release (technically Windows 6).