Windows 7 wireless network connecting plz help!!!!!!!! new laptop?

Answer I finally figured out why this is happening. It is a software error within Windows 7. It appears to be intermittent. I brought two Acer Extensa 5230E. The first one came out of box linking to my wi... Read More »

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My Laptop Stopped Connecting to the Wireless Network?

Laptops can experience connectivity problems for a variety of reasons, such as electrical power outages or mysterious network "kicks" that throw you off the connection. Solutions for laptop connect... Read More »

Problems connecting my laptop my wireless network?

Try restarting the router. Just remove the power cable and then plug it back in. If that doesn't work, I would try uninstalling the wireless adapter from device manager and allow windows to reinsta... Read More »

Connecting a wireless laptop to a non-wireless printer...without using a cable?

Yes it is possible.You need to set up your own home network. Go to control panel and then ' wireless setup'. Should be able to follow the steps and then connect your laptop to your desktop. Note th... Read More »

Connecting an HP wireless printer to a new network?

you need to find the IP address of the printer and search it from your computer. your new wireless network will recognize the device, then simply attach to the new network. go to "settings" "printe... Read More »