Windows 7 svchost.exe virus!?

Answer It cannot clean it , because its a legit file thats infected. My usual advise ,in order is1 Seek proper help from a specialist malware forum, like bleeping computer OR2 Back up your data , then rei... Read More »

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Computer has virus and won't let me download an anti-virus or scan or update windows, what can i do?

It certainly sounds like you have been infected with some kind of malware. Whenever you suspect you have an infection, there are several things you must do. Unfortunately, if you find one infectio... Read More »

Virus Won't Let Me Log Into Windows XP?

System viruses that inhibit the computer from booting altogether are among some of the most insidious and require extreme action to remove them from your computer entirely. Accomplish this by reins... Read More »

Windows 98 Anti-Virus?

How to Fix a Windows XP Virus Crash?

The devastation of a computer crash because of a virus is an occurrence every computer user should be prepared for. A viral infection has the potential to delete and alter data and settings on your... Read More »