Windows 7 screen resolution issue.?

Answer Dude looks like your resolution is at default resolution, You need to Install/Update your video driversFor your machine to know that you use 1920x1080 resolution monitor :) :)Here This software upd... Read More »

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How to Change the Screen Resolution in Windows?

Changing the screen resolution is safe and easy to do. Knowing how to change resolution can be very useful.

How to Change the Screen Resolution on Windows XP?

The best way to find the perfect resolution to suit you and your monitor is to experiment. Follow the steps below to change your screen resolution.

How to Change Screen Resolution on Windows Mobile?

Microsoft Windows Mobile is the operating system that powers may PDAs and smartphones. Windows Mobile settings do not provide a Screen Resolution setting to change the screen resolution on the mobi... Read More »

I had to reinstall windows and now my screen resolution is all messed up HELP!!!?

The most common cause of the symptom that you state is that the correct drivers for the video card are not installed. This is a fairly common problem after installing or re-installing Windows.Try t... Read More »