Windows 7 or xp for gaming?

Answer The lagging isn't XP vs Win 7. You have to have a video card capable of playing the newer games on the market and you have to have enough RAM. The newer the games are, the more graphics intensive t... Read More »

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How to Tweak Windows XP SP2 for Gaming?

Sometimes the difference between a game that runs good and a game that runs great is your operating system configuration. Windows XP SP2 has a number of areas that can be better configured to allo... Read More »

Windows XP Vs. Vista for Gaming?

If you use your Windows PC for gaming, your choice of Windows XP or Vista can have an impact on the performance of your favorite games. Other aspects of your computer configuration also are relevan... Read More »

Which windows 8 laptop is the best for gaming?

For what purpose you are going to buy laptop if you are using for game then you got to have a good one like high RAM, Processor but if you will only surf internet then any laptops goes fine with you.

Windows Experience Index Gaming Graphics is 3.6?