Windows 7 Has Problems With the EverQuest Patcher?

Answer "Everquest" is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) where players create an avatar that can venture into a virtual fantasy world. Problems with the "Everquest" patcher in Windo... Read More »

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Do you have to pay up debt in Everquest II when you die?

If you wish to keep playing immediately, you will have to pay up your experience debt in Everquest II when you die. However, experience debt does reduce slowly over time while a player is logged ou... Read More »

How to Get Your Own Ykeshan Bear in Everquest 2?

My Ykeshan Bear in Nektulos ForestIn the new Everquest 2 expansion pack, Everquest 2: The Shadow Odyssey, you can receive a special Ykeshan Bear for buying the game! Once you have the bear it can a... Read More »

How to Kite Mobs in Everquest?

The technique of 'kiting' mobs (NPC enemies) gets its name from the fact that it involves running around with the mob chasing behind—much like a kite. This technique, if performed properly, can y... Read More »

Windows Xp Problems please help?

Reboot the system and Press F8 and hit SAFE mode only!Load in as the administrator account and do not use the same account that is having the problem.Once you're in their everything is going to loo... Read More »