Window Unit A/C Vs. Fan?

Answer During the summer months, beating the heat can be hard without a cooling unit to help you. With so many types of fans and air conditioners, choosing between the two can be difficult. Make the choic... Read More »

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Does window unit air conditioner have to sit in a window?

Window air conditioning units must be installed in a window because the heat generated by the air conditioner needs to vent outside instead of remaining in the room. If window installation is not p... Read More »

Where Is the Drain Pan on My Window A/C Unit?

Your window air-conditioning unit may keep your bedroom or office cool all summer, but you need to regularly service the unit to keep it running efficiently. One area to inspect is the unit's drain... Read More »

How to Add Refrigerant to a Window Unit?

A window air conditioner only works effectively if properly charged with Freon, the refrigerant that helps it produce cool air. Because the coolant is stored in a sheltered area of the air conditio... Read More »

Frigidaire or GE 500 btu ac window unit?

I've never had a problem with any GE appliance I ever bought over 40 years. I've had problems with every single appliance that wasn't a GE and that includes some of the highest priced premium model... Read More »