Window 7 & Xp are not able to install on my pc ,earlier i had formatted my C drive?

Answer what error its giving?

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How does an external hard drive still automatically install its drivers even after it has been formatted?

Hi..Windows first searches pre-configured drivers .( Drivers you already have on your system).Windows can also check the on-line data base and download the appropriate drivers if there is a match f... Read More »

I had formated C drive of my PC after that no Window is install ?

Don't ever format the C drive. By doing this you lose everything including the BIOS. You will need to reinstall the BIOS before anything will work.

How to Restore a Formatted Drive?

Formatting a computer's hard drive refers to the process of deleting all existing information and rewriting the main file structure of the drive. Restoring information from a formatted drive can be... Read More »

I formatted a DVD+RW 'like a USB flash drive' and now my PC can't detect and DVD+RW disk in the disk drive?

Hello, Right click and uninstall theCD-ROM, DVD ROM driver in the device manager and restart the computer. The operating system would attempt to install the required driver automatically. If this d... Read More »