Wind Tattoo Ideas?

Answer Harness the power of the wind, or at least wear it on your skin. Whether you are an air sign, a hang glider, a tornado chaser or just someone who loves the feeling of the wind in your hair, you can... Read More »

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Science Fair Wind Turbine Ideas?

Wind turbines have been used throughout history. Dutch windmills are one example and are still used today to pump water out of low-lying areas. Other historical uses of wind turbines include pumpin... Read More »

Dog Tattoo Ideas?

Tattoos run the gamut in terms of style, color and subject. Dogs are a popular subject among tattoo-wanting individuals. These dogs may commemorate a lost pet, convey a feeling, represent your favo... Read More »

Tattoo Ideas for Men?

Tattoos allow people to express their personalities and display the things that are important to them. While there are no technical limitations restricting certain tattoo images or kinds to people ... Read More »

Pet Tattoo Ideas?

Pets can be an inspiration for a lot of things, including tattoos. If you have, or had, a pet that you want to remember forever, you can design a tattoo that encompasses a special memory of your lo... Read More »