Wind Proofing a Greenhouse?

Answer Greenhouses are designed to shelter your plants from the local elements, allowing you to cultivate exotic and non-native species in a controlled environment. However, having small leaks or holes be... Read More »

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Can any hobby greenhouse meet Florida wind standards?

Florida wind standards require all structures to be able to stand up to sustained winds of 120 miles per hour (mph). This precludes most greenhouses, but some kit greenhouses with welded aluminum f... Read More »

Do generators from wind turbines create greenhouse gases?

Wind turbines are designed to convert natural wind energy into electricity and don't produce carbon dioxide during operation. However, the manufacturing of wind turbines, along with installation an... Read More »

Greenhouse growers often add carbon dioxide to the air in the greenhouse What is the advantage of doing this?

All plants need carbon dioxide to complete photosynthesis. Mammals take in oxygen and breath out CO2. It is the exact opposite for plants. The stomata on the plants act as lungs for the CO2 to ente... Read More »

What is rust proofing?

Passenger vehicles are subject to wear and tear over their lifespans including attacks from a largely unseen enemy, rust. Left untreated rust can quickly destroy a car, but thanks to rust proofing ... Read More »