Winch Cable Safety?

Answer Winch cables are handy tools when used correctly. If the right safety precautions are not used when winching, serious injury or death can occur.

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Truck Winch Safety?

Truck winches can provide pulling power for off-road recovery and general utility situations. If winches are not operated safely they can cause mechanical damage, serious injury or even death.

How to Cut a Winch Cable?

Cable used for a winch apparatus is usually composed of a high tinsel strength steel. Winch cables vary in width, application of torque and weight dispersion, as well as load towing capacity. You w... Read More »

How to Replace the Cable on an ATV Winch?

An ATV winch is a great accessory for your outdoor machine. It can haul a buddy's ATV out of a ditch, pull a load up a ravine or even get you out of trouble if need be. But no matter how powerful t... Read More »

How to Wind a Winch Cable?

Properly winding a winch cable onto the drum of a winch will help prevent damage from occurring to the cable. The cable, whether steel or synthetic, can pinch, bind or tangle if the cable is wound ... Read More »