Win.7/I.E.8: Would there be any negative issues?

Answer I personally prefer Chrome because simply it is faster are more customisable (themes) and looks much better visually than the blocky IE.Firefox is good for customisation but only if youre a power u... Read More »

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Why Would a Negative Battery Terminal Melt?

Cable connections for battery terminals are relatively simple, but problems can occur that will cause electrical shorts to melt a negative terminal. Fortunately, the solutions are usually simple as... Read More »

Would an Ovulation test show negative if your pregnant?

No, if you were pregnant, an ovulation test would show positive! You can actually use them as pregnancy tests if you're far enough along.

Why are there issues of coastal erosion?

There are many causes of coastal erosion. Coastlines move naturally due to waves, currents and tides. People have increased the rate of erosion by eliminating coastal wetlands, building near beache... Read More »

What Would a Badly Corroded Negative Terminal on a Car Battery Indicate?

While battery terminal corrosion is not as prevalent in modern cars as with classic cars or older daily drivers, automotive battery corrosion is caused by a multitude of reasons. In most cases, a b... Read More »