Win7 dosn't work now that I've installed Unbuntu?

Answer Use the Search box at the top of this page to look for "how to uninstall ubuntu from windows". It will involve using your Windows installer disk to write a new boot loader without depending on Grub... Read More »

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Problem with unbuntu Win7 dual boot?

Have you tried both shift keys separately? Worst case scenario, you can just load up the Ubuntu install CD and edit your grub settings from it.

Why dosnt my camera work?

Hi there,I've had the same problem with one of my friend's cameras and who had been to the was a Canon S410.....I took it apart and guess what was causing the problem with the lens? 1 sm... Read More »

Why dosnt myspace work?

tom said that there was a power serge in his area and put his servers down and they should be up shortly (maybe by tomorrow) hopefully I MISS IT!!! lol

My power supply dosnt work with my motherboard?

Are you plugging in the four-pin CPU connector? are you sure your CPU is a AMD3+ processor? The fact that the "paperclip trick" works doesn't tell you must, except that the power supply will react ... Read More »