Win 98 - how to determine what processor i have (regarding GHZ + cores :)?

Answer Start->RunType dxdiag. Else try the software named cpuz

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Does Vista support four processor cores?

All versions of Windows Vista will support a four-processor (quad core) CPU. The 32-bit version of Vista can only support up to 4GB RAM, which some users may deem inadequate for a high-end quad cor... Read More »

Can a quad core processor brake because of the temperature/load differences between different cores?

You shouldn't be able to physically break the processor by putting different loads onto the 4 cores if you have correct and sufficient cooling. The maximum temperature that the chip will reach wil... Read More »

How to Determine Processor Speed?

This article describes the different locations where CPU speed is reported in Microsoft Windows XP.

Are amd dual cores faster than intel dual cores?

Intel manufactures the fastest dual core processors. But because manufacturers build CPUs containing a variety of different clock speeds and architectures, some AMD processors are faster than Intel... Read More »