Win 7 and camcorder operation to record and talk?

Answer What make and model is your camcorder? Win7 uses Windows Live Movie Maker.

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What should i record with my new camcorder?

Me having sex with my bf ¨*ROFL*¨ You can record..while you are singing or something..

When you record videos with a camcorder?

You need a software program that will recognise your camera once it is hooked to your computer and has the ability to burn once your movie is downloaded and edited. I use Pinacle Studio 9. You may... Read More »

How to record xbox 360 with camcorder?

If your camcorder can accept AV inputs, you can plug the AV-out from the xbox360 directly into your camcorder - and play using the camcorder's LCD screen.Alternately, you can using a video splitter... Read More »

How do I record what's on my TV screen with my Camcorder?

Here is your answers…Total Screen RecorderFree Download ,No watermark!→DescriptionTotal Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use, fast, and powerful video-recording software. You can use this screen c... Read More »