Wilting Hibiscus?

Answer The hibiscus is a fairly hardy shrub that can be found in continents including Australia and America. With numerous colors, shapes and sizes, there's a hibiscus that can fit into almost any garden ... Read More »

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How to Use Hibiscus Leaves for Mulching Hibiscus?

The genus Hibiscus represents a large and diverse group of flowering plants found in tropical and subtropical environments around the world. From small trees to annual plants, hibiscus trees appear... Read More »

A Wilting Lilac?

Lilacs such as the Japanese tree lilac are members of the Oleaceae family. These woody ornamentals can be used as a large shrub or a small tree and produce lovely fragrant flowers. Often used as ac... Read More »

Wilting Bushes?

Healthy bushes should not wilt. Wilting bushes may indicate improper care, such as too little water, too much water, the wrong planting environment or the wrong type of soil for the plant. Diseases... Read More »

A Wilting Garden?

Gardeners are understandably alarmed when garden plants wilt. If the plants in your garden droop despite being well-watered, the culprit is one of several diseases. Identifying the most common wilt... Read More »