Willl American dvds work in Irish DVD players?

Answer American DVD won't work in Europe for two reasons. First, the color encoding system is different. Although North American and European color encoding work in similar ways, they are not compatible. ... Read More »

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Will old DVDs work in the new DVD players?

Yes. Blu-Ray players will play regular DVDs. By the way, in case you weren't aware, don't be tempted by the low prices on the HD-DVD models. HD-DVD has been abandoned and there will be no more HD-D... Read More »

Do re-writeable DVDs work on DVD players?

Most re-writeable DVDs and most recordable DVDs will play in most DVD players. The variations in production of blank DVDs and the writers themselves mean that occasionally, a written DVD won't play... Read More »

Will dvds made in Australia work in DVD players in the United States?

only if ur DVD player is codefree & supports PAL dvds.usually a DVD player sold in the us only accepts rc1 dvds.Australian dvds are RC4. and PAL. US dvds are NTSC. so if the us DVD player is a cool... Read More »

Can Japanese region 2 DVDs play on American region 1 DVD players?

No, they are two different regional format. Unless you have an all Region DVD Player which is not available anywhere. Your computer might be able to play these Japanese DVDs but you have to change ... Read More »