Will your wrist break from a direct blow?

Answer Science project, baloney. No science project asks you to write a report on how hard to hit your wrist before it breaks. The school would worry about a lawsuit. If you're looking for attention, g... Read More »

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How to break your wrist ?

1.go on top of a table or somethin like that jump off and land on ur wrist akwardly2.hit it 10-20 times with a very heavy book like the enciclopidia or the hard cover big dictionary or anythin3.fal... Read More »

How To Break Your Wrist or Arm At Home?

Firstly, there is no issue with desiring to experience something one has yet to do. Yes, it will be extraordinarily painful, but I don't believe that gives anyone on this forum a right to forgo at... Read More »

How do you break your left wrist?

you fool, you say i don't want to be a cheer leader. they can't force you, why even take up such a pitiful time wasting past time if it leads you to damage your self just to avoid it.

Easy way to break your arm or wrist?

You don't want to.I broke my wrist twice and it hurt like hell. What hurt worse than that was i tore some ligaments in my foot and ankle and very badly spraigned them. please don't do it cause you ... Read More »