Will your renters insurance cover a kid urinating on your couch?

Answer It depends.Check the small print.

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Will renters insurance cover your own injuries sustained on your property?

If you're the renter, no. If you mean you're the property owner, if the renter was negligent and that negligence caused the your injuries, probably yes.

You were evicted your stuff was stolen will your renters insurance cover?

Other than home owners insurance covering your primary residence where you live and rental property insurance covering a home that you rent to others there are a few differences in types of coverag... Read More »

Will your renters insurance cover your bike that was stolen while on vacation but you live and have coverage in another state?

It is usually the most expensive heathcare choice but offers the most flexibility =]---emmy g

Will your renters insurance cover broken eye glasses?

Renters insurance is a form of homeowners insurance. The form is HO-4. I assume that you mean the policy that the person renting purchases to cover their belongings and liability. Most all homeowne... Read More »