Will your premium go down if you pay off the car note?

Answer Answer Not unless you change the policy coverage (as in by reducing it from comprehensive to liability, or lowering the limits, or raising the deductible).

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Will your premium go up if you file a claim on your comprehensive auto insurance policy?

%DETAILS% Answer It really depends on the circumstances of the claim, and if you were even at fault. If you were at fault, and you need to use your comprehensive/collision to pay for your damages y... Read More »

Will your existing disability insurance premium change if your new job is in a higher risk class?

Disability Contract This is a very good question and it depends on your current disabilitycontract. If your existing disability contract is non-cancellable andguaranteed renewable then the answer i... Read More »

How much will your insurance premium go up with 6 points on your license from a speeding ticket?

== Answer ==Insurance rates depend on a variety of things from your age to your credit report to your state. Only your insurance agent can answer this question. In general you would be dropped by m... Read More »

Will your car insurance premium decrease when you turn 18?

Your car insurance premium may not decrease when you turn 18. However, your car insurance premium will decrease when you turn 25, because people 25 and older are statistically less likely to get in... Read More »