Will your libido increase or decrease in early pregnancy?

Answer Answer It can go either way.

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Are sore nipples and an increase in libido a sign of pregnancy?

It can be. If you are having symptoms that are unusual for you around the time of your period, then yes, they can very well be signs of pregnancy. Common symptoms women notice when they are early i... Read More »

Does vaginal discharge increase or decrease during pregnancy?

Answer Mine increased and ugh what a mess. If yours increases I recommend a panty liner to help keep your panties dry.

I am looking for a way to decrease my libido, any suggestions?

Try some solarcaine sprayed liberally on your genital region. It should numb things up for you.Alternatively, subscribe to one of those magazines which feature scantily clad 400 lb. ladies.

Is an increase in motion sickness an early symptom of pregnancy?

Answer Hi :-)Yes it can be a symptom of pregnancy. But I wouldn't solely base one symptom of pregnancy. Motion sickness could be slightly worse for you now because it is very hot in the car, you a... Read More »