Will your iphone 4 still work after it's been dropped in the water?

Answer It Depends On If You Have A Strong Case On It Or Not But I Would Say Most Likely No

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IPhone dropped in the water! What to do?

You'll just have to take it into the store and get it repaired (unless you wana go all DIY on it). It will cost you unfortunately as they dont cover water damage but if its just the screen it'll on... Read More »

How can you fix your iPhone 3g has dropped in water?

Send it to Apple Company and they will replace it (unless if it has been jailbroken)

Dropped my mom's iPhone in water?

It is almost certainly dead!As you CAN'T remove an iPhone battery which is the most essential thing you do do, rice will not workIt may have signs of life but water and the battery STILL being in t... Read More »

URGENT, I dropped my iPhone 4 in water?

Put it in a bowl of dry rice. The rice should absorb the water.