Will your insurance go up if you get a ticket for passing a school bus?

Answer Answer If you pass a school bus when the red lights are flashing and you get a ticket, it is a moving violation and your insurance will more than likely go up.

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How to Contest a Passing a School Bus Ticket?

It is the law that you cannot pass a school bus when it is flashing its yellow lights. Anyone who is caught doing so can expect a ticket, with a fine up to $500 and a one-year license suspension. C... Read More »

How much will your first speeding ticket raise your insurance?

The amount your auto insurance will increase after your first speeding ticket will depend on the laws of the state you reside in and your insurance carrier. In some states you may receive no increa... Read More »

If you just got your license and a speeding ticket for 58 in a 45 how much will your insurance go up?

Answer i have two speeding tickets, one for 64 on a 45, and doing "86" on a 55. First, the speeding ticket is gonig to be around 230, with traffic school. second insurance wont look at it, they do... Read More »

How much will your insurance premium go up with 6 points on your license from a speeding ticket?

== Answer ==Insurance rates depend on a variety of things from your age to your credit report to your state. Only your insurance agent can answer this question. In general you would be dropped by m... Read More »