Will your insurance go up if you get a ticket for passing a school bus?

Answer Answer If you pass a school bus when the red lights are flashing and you get a ticket, it is a moving violation and your insurance will more than likely go up.

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How to Contest a Passing a School Bus Ticket?

It is the law that you cannot pass a school bus when it is flashing its yellow lights. Anyone who is caught doing so can expect a ticket, with a fine up to $500 and a one-year license suspension. C... Read More »

If your wife had insurance on her car and gave you permission to drive it but the insurance did not cover you would you get a ticket for not having insurance if you got pulled over for speeding?

No proof of coverage Yes, You can be ticketed. If your name does not appear on the Insurance identification Card and you are pulled over you can certainly be ticketed as you are actually "Not Cover... Read More »

Can you get car insurance without passing your test at the age of 16?

Answer Um, that would be a no, as you have to provide you FULL driving licenses number!

What is the law for passing a stopped school bus?