Will your house plant grow with heat from a lamp?

Answer No, because the lamp does not produce the type of light and heat energy like the sun produces and the plant can not perform its photosynthesis which is the process of which the plant grows, and it ... Read More »

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How much heat comes from a heat lamp?

Temperatures created by heat lamps vary, depending on bulb wattage. In general use, heat lamp bulbs reach 400 to 500 degrees F. The room temperature is usually raised by approximately 20 degrees F.... Read More »

Will a pot belly stove heat your house?

Pot belly stoves can heat an entire home if certain conditions are met. The stove must fit the home, not too big or too small for the amount of space it is needed to heat. Also, the home must hav... Read More »

If a tomato plant is infected with the mosaic virus can the seeds from that plant be used to plant new plants in following years or will the virus go with it.?

No, the seeds are sometimes affected and there is no way of telling which ones they are until too late. Some viruses can be controlled on seeds by a process of fermentation, but this doesn't appear... Read More »

How to Shade Your House From Sun Heat?

With energy costs rising people are trying to keep their houses cool when it is hot outside. The sun beating down on your home can significantly change the temperature inside. Usually people cope b... Read More »