Will your disability ins end if in remission and have bone lesions?

Answer Essentially private DI insurance ends when you are eligible to return back to work.

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Can leukemia cause bone lesions?

On One Hand: Certain Cancers Can Cause Bone LesionsBone lesions are abnormal changes in bone tissue that can diminish bone integrity or interfere with certain bone processes. Medline Plus cites pot... Read More »

Are all bone lesions cancerous?

On One Hand: Not Necessarily CancerousA bone lesion can be caused by factors other than cancer. It may be the result of a benign tumor or another condition, such as infection or bone softening due ... Read More »

Do HPV lesions look like herpes lesions?

According to the, human papilloma virus (HPV), also known as genital warts, causes cauliflower-like growths on skin that are white, yellow or gray. Herpes lesions typically look like b... Read More »

What happens when someone goes into remission?

Don't know if I'm considered to be in remission, but there is no evidence of disease. I started off getting a scan every other month. After a year or so, every 3 months,then 4. Now, after 4 years, ... Read More »