Will your battery recharge if you put it in the frige?

Answer No, it is just said to extend their life if not immediately used.

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Will the alternator recharge a car battery?

An alternator is designed to maintain the charge of a good battery. It cannot recharge a depleted battery. A bad alternator can actually pull the charge from a battery, having the opposite effect.S... Read More »

Will a Car Battery Recharge Itself After Being Dead?

Even for the least initiated among us, the car battery presents little mystery when compared with the rest of the automotive repair world. A dead battery can usually be recharged with a jump from a... Read More »

Can You Recharge Your Car Battery by Idling?

Keeping your battery charged will save you time and frustration when you need to start your car. Idling your vehicle can create a small electrical current to help charge your battery.

How to Recharge a 12V Battery?

Twelve-volt batteries are used in automobiles. If your vehicle does not start, it might mean the battery is dead or in need of a charge. You can test and charge your battery with relative ease in a... Read More »