Please tell me about hardware that how to install linux & tell something about it because i want format my pc?

Answer Hardware is generally well supported in Linux despite what many will tell you. Assuming you are working with Windows Overall a Linux based platform can perform most of the tasks equally as well as ... Read More »

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Can you please tell me something about printers?

what you using a printer for.laser is cheapest.laser has a beaminkjet...inkdot in ribbon is hit by a keys to make impression.thats $85 lesson.have fun

How can you tell if shes' lying about something?

if she hesitates or pauses before speaking,shes lying to you! No that's not really true. Another myth is that she can't look you in the eyes either but everyone is different and speaks differently... Read More »

Tell me something you know about drugs?

Like some of the others here have stated, Drugs are the road to nowhere, but, they do take you on the scenic route.Seriously, drugs can make your life more bearable and may alter your reality to th... Read More »

Can someone tell me something about Arlington VA Thanks.?

Most of Arlington and Northern Virginia is easily covered by the Washington DC Metro service; check out the site below for rail and bus lines. There are also inexpensive short-term rental services ... Read More »